During the MagNet project, the following products were produced, among other activities:

webinars conducted


on the best practices and fruition models already developed at other sites, based on the use of new technologies for cultural heritage enhancement

digitized exhibits


with the 3D laser scan technique, acquired at the museums of the Network of Magna Graecia Museums

videos produced


to promote the museums and archaeological areas under their jurisdiction, which are part of the Network of Magna Graecia Museums, and describe the user experience of the app

app developed


to link with a common thread the Magna Graecia sites of interest in the project and the specific activities of archaeology, from excavation campaigns to museum displays


In May, June, and July 2022, webinar cycles were held in which national and international industry experts illustrated best practices and usage models already developed on other sites based on new technologies to enhance the cultural heritage.
The seminars, aimed at stakeholders and project partners, as well as the audience of insiders, and all users interested in the proposed interventions, represented a fundamental hub for the MagNet project. Such milestones have been achieved through the presentation and dissemination of current uses and implementations of Digital Heritage and its most significant strategies already developed in other sites and with the development of a coherent and functional strategy to be applied in the reference sites of the project.


Some of the most valuable artifacts on display in the museums that collaborated on the MagNet project have been fully digitized with the help of photogrammetry and 3D laser scan and integrated within the "MagNet: Magna Grecia Mission" application. In our Findings Database it is possible to view them directly via browser, looking down to the smallest detail, accompanied by the relevant archaeological records.

Findings Database

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National Archaeological Museum of Basilicata "Dinu Adamesteanu" (Potenza)
National Archaeological Museum of Metaponto (Bernalda)
National Archaeological Museum of Siritide (Policoro)
Tower of Satriano (Tito)
Archaeological Museum of Corfu (Greece)


MagNet: Mission Magna Graecia is the free applied game for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), compatible with Android and iOS, in which you can accompany Giulia, a young archaeologist on her first assignment, through an adventure on the trail of the Gorgon, passing through the archaeological sites of Metaponto, Policoro, and Tower of Satriano in Tito, and the national archaeological museums of Potenza and Corfu.

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